How Do You Move Your Books?

My friend took these bookmobile pictures when she attended a “summer fete” in Vaour, France. You don’t see many book vans in America. They are usually modified buses or trucks. This van ranks right up there with The A-Team, Charlie Varrick, Chris Farley’s ‘van down by the river’ and The Mystery Machine.

My Books

We sold our house on Friday. Our new house is being built in Fairhope by Benchmark Homes and should be finished in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, my books, along with most everything we own, is being temporarilly stored in a climate controlled storage facility. PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) picked up our packed POD the same day. Below are pictures of the PodZilla picking up our “stuff.”


What I’m Reading


This is the only book from my home library that I didn’t pack. I’m reading it while we (and the stuff that didn’t fit in the POD) stay at Sue’s mom and dad’s until our new house is finished.

New Home for Books

We are super excited about moving in! Here are some pictures from last week. If you want to view more pictures of our progress and see future new house posts, visit Home Building.




2 thoughts on “How Do You Move Your Books?

  1. Your house is looking great and I know you are so happy to finally reach this point. I just unpacked some books that were in storage (non-climate controlled) for about two years and those awful silverfish bugs were in the boxes!! I just about freaked out and threw everything outside until I could go through each book, page by page and shake them all out. EEEWWW!

    Bob is read the Erik Larson book and loved it and is now reading another of his books, In The Garden Of Beasts.

    Happy moving days!

  2. You have officially become Pod People. Your new house looks beautiful – I bet it is a relief to be almost through with the process.

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