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Similar to Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon, this is a fun, super non-scientific, and work in progress Six Degrees from Stump the Librarian. (My Bacon number is 3 as I was in USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage with Nicholas Cage, who was in The Cotton Club with Damien Leake, who was in He Said, She Said with Kevin Bacon).

If you, or someone you love, are an amputee, or you’ve read, watched, or learned about a fictional or mythical amputee that has been meaningful to you, please email me at with “Wiki” in the subject heading. Include one name, category (human, animal or fictional), and type of limb loss) and I will add the name to this list.


Abbott, Heather: Boston Marathon Bombing (BMB)

Abbott, Jim,

Acoma Tribesmen

Adside, Barbara

Ahab, Captain

Andre the Dog


Aqattaq, Inuit mentioned in Arctic Dream

Ashton, Tracy: Actress, ex. “My Name is Earl”

Atkins, Susan Denise, Manson Family


Badoglio, Benito, from The Hat

Jeff Bauman: BMB

Bernhardt, Sarah, Actress

Binter, Jack

Bipod the Dog

Blin, Louis

Blythe, Brittany

Brannock, Ericka: BMB

Brinkley, Kiera

Bundren, Cash: As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner

Byrnes, Jim


Cairo Toe

Caplin, Alfred

Chandran, Sudha

Cashin, Miranda

Clark, George Rogers

Cleland, Max

Clement, Evan F.

Connolly,  Kevin, Author

Corcoran, Celeste: BMB


Daniel, Mery: BMB

Rebekah Gregory DiMartino

Downes, Jessica Kensky: BMB (married to Patrick Downes)

Downes, Patrick: BMB (married to Jessica Kensky Downes

Duckworth, Tammy, US Senator

Dubose, Samuel


Everly, Lisa

Ewell, Richard,


Fogler, Earl, Schoolyard bombing victim

Fox, Terry, Canadian cancer survivor, runner

Fucarile, Mark: BMB


Gadson, Greg

Garnet, Henry Highland, African American Minister and Abolitionist

Glasbrenner, Jeff, Inspiration/model for Skyscraper

Goldman, Jami: Author, Up and Running

Gregory, Rebekah: BMB

Gregson, Ian, Actor

Guidry, Junior, Character in Junior’s Leg


Hackemer, James Thomas

Hall, Robert David, Actor

Hall, Virginia, World War II Spy

Haslet-Davis, Adrianne: BMB prosthesis named the Haslet-Davis in her honor

Highnoon, Peg Leg

Hanger, James, Prosthetic Leg inventor

Bill Hansberg

Hawkins, Field

H, Beth

Henley, William, Poet, Publisher, Agent, Author of “Invictus”

Henry, three-legged cat

Herr, Hugh, Scientist, Inventor, aiming to eradicate disability through technology

Hood, John Bell, Confederate General

Hopewell, Joy: Character in “Good Country People,” by Flannery O’Connor

Howell, Peg Leg: Blues musician

Huckaby, Brenna, Athlete

Huston, Todd


Iles, Greg: Author


Jol, Cornelius: Pirate

Jones, Garret


Kaffka, Eric

Kapacziewski, Joseph

Kavanaugh, Arthur (added 2019: The Wild Man of County Carlow, BBC History Magazine March 2016 28-29)

Kazazic, Maja

Kennedy, Ted, Jr, US Senator’s Son

Kerrey, Robert, US Senator

Kirk, Amos, Teacher, The Warm of Other Suns

Krum, Jennifer


LaKomski, Greg

LeClerc, Francois: Pirate

Lonergan, Peg Leg: New York Gangster

Lopez de Santa Anna, Antonio: President and General of Mexico


Malmskog, Glenn

Mars, Elsa

Marsh, Curt

Marshall, Herbert

Martin, Paul: Author, Drinking from My Leg

Maynard, Kyle, Author

Mchugh, Drake: Character in Kings Row

McWatters, Karen Rand: BMB

Mills, Heather: Author of Out on a Limb, ex-wife of Paul McCartney


Modesta, Viktoria: Pop Star

Molly the Pony

Monocoli, Mythical Tribe

Moody, Alistair (Mad Eye): character in J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter books

Montgomery, Christopher: Veteran

Morris, Gouverneur: Wrote final version of the United States Constitution

Mosses, Molly

Mullins, Aimee


Norden, J.P. BMB (brother to Paul)

Norden, Paul: BMB (brother to J.P.)


Overton, Wes,

Overton, Wes Sr.


Pearson, Howard

Philbin, Daniel: Regis Philbin’s son

Pistorius, Oscar, South African Olympic Athlete, Convicted of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

Purdy, Amy, U.S. Paralympian


Queen Vishpla: From the Rig Veda


Rapp, Emily, Author

Reinertsen, Sarah, Athlete, author

Richard, Jane: BMB

Rigsby, Scott

Robinson, Fred

Rosenberg, Jothy, Author


Sadowski, Joseph: Veteran

Saga of Icelanders

St. John Deane, Bonnie

Santo, Ron, Major League Baseball Player

Sdoia, Roseann: BMB

Shepard, Bert, Major League Baseball Player

Siciliano, John, Actor

Siggins, Rosemarie

Silver, Long John, Character in Treasure Island

Silver, Long Jeanne, Adult Film Star

Skywalker, Anakin: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Smith, Thomas Peg Leg

Smrz, Brett

Stacy, James

Soldier, Steadfast Tin, Character from the Book of the same name

Stolhanske, Eric

Stone, Elizabeth

Strike, Cormoran, character in The Casual Vacancy books, ghostwritten by J.K. Rowling

Stuyvesant, Peter, Director General of New York

Sullivan, Daniel Peg Leg, Blamed for starting the Great Chicago Fire

Sullivan, Katy, Calls out the Rock for not using actual amputee in Skyscraper

Sundquist, Josh: Author and Halloween Costume Creator


Tanner, James: Civil War Veteran at Lincoln’s side

Thomas, Jordan

Tripod: Three-Legged Natchez Cat

Turner, Darryl: Leg Stolen

Tyler, Billy “End Run ” M.A.S.H Episode

Tynan, Ronan



Valentino, an Alabama goat

Vawter, Zac

Veeck, Bill, Past Owner of the Cleveland Indians


Ward, Thomas

Waters, Augustus, Character in The Fault in Our Stars

Weise, Jillian, author

White, Bill: BMB

Whittaker, Tom

Winters, Amy

Winter the Dolphin

Woolfenden, Steve: BMB


= Number of Amputees


Youens, Bob


Zenardi, Alex

Updated 12/12/18