Five Trivia Questions that have Stumped Librarians

All questions were asked during trivia night at Fairhope Brewing without the use of the internet or any other technology. Most of the questions were written by the owners of the brewery. The owners have their J.D. from the University of Alabama, which means they can Wikipedia (co-founded by Alabamian Jimbo Wales, an Auburn and Alabama graduate) like the rest of the world.

What is Tom Clancy’s best-selling Jack Ryan novel?

What was the top grossing film during the Reagan Administration?

Within five years, what year  was Texas A & M University, a Morrill Act Land Grant college, founded?

What is the 14th largest city in United States without any of the four major league sports franchise? (baseball, hockey, football, basketball)

What are the names of all the teams in the British Premier League?

Miscellaneous Terms

What does Elevenses mean?

What’s a Bubbler? 

What’s a Buggy?

What’s a Yakabell?

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