Trivia Questions

What is Tom Clancy’s best-selling novel?

Clear and Present Danger 

What was the top grossing film during the Reagan Administration?


Within five years, what year  was Texas A & M University, a Morrill Act Land Grant college, founded?


What is the 14th largest city in United States without any of the four major league sports franchise? (baseball, hockey, football, basketball)

Austin, TX

What are the names and cities of all the teams in the British Premier League?

Aston Villa, Birmingham
Bournemouth, Bournemouth
Chelsea, London
Crystal Palace, London
Everton, Liverpool
Leicester City, Leicester
Liverpool, Liverpool
Manchester City, Manchester
Manchester United, Stretford
Newcastle United, Newcastle
Norwich City, Norwich
Southampton , Southampton
Stoke City, Stoke-on-Trent
Sunderland, Sunderland
Swansea City, Swansea
Tottenham Hotspur, London
Watford, Watford
West Bromwich Albion, West Bromwich
West Ham United, London


What does Elevenses mean?

A British term meaning a light refreshment or a snack taken in the middle of the morning.

What’s a Bubbler?

In the northeast, we call a water or drinking fountain a bubbler. If you ask where the bubbler is in Piggly Wiggly or Winn Dixie, you get some strange looks. To find out why it’s called a bubbler click here.

What’s a Buggy?

In the south, they call shopping carts buggies. If you are from Cape Cod, which is made mostly of sand, and you hear the word buggy, a dune buggy is the first wheeled vehicle that comes to mind, not a grocery cart at Stop and Shop or Shaw’s supermarkets.

What’s a Yakabell?

A yakabell is a woman from Kentucky who talks a lot. Synonymous with motormouth, chatty Kathy, etc. I’ve only heard one person use this word, and so the origins of this one remain a mystery, and even Google is silent.

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