Do You Create Outside?

Sometimes when the world is moving too fast, I like to take a class. The best kind are outside. I headed to Blakeley State Park for a nature journal-keeping class with Nancy Milford.


Nancy gave a wonderful overview on the history, science, and art of field sketching. She also included several handouts with fantastic tips for how to get started, including some simple sketching techniques. As a journal-keeper, the idea of adding drawings to my journals fascinated me. It was also intimidating. That is until Nancy said, “Don’t judge yourself on your drawing.” For some reason, that set me free to experiment.


I found myself in the zone, that place where you’re creating and time slips by quickly. I started with some words, location, date, then I started drawing. When I was sketching, I tried to enter the landscape. The drawing is my interpretation of the experience.

As you can see below, I was joined by some very talented people.


I’ll continue to be a journal keeper because that’s what I do. I bring a journal with me wherever I go. Thanks to Nancy, I’ll be drawing some field sketches too.


1 thought on “Do You Create Outside?

  1. This sounds like it was a lot of fun! I really need to get better about keeping a journal myself. I do have a daily bullet journal that I always envision using as more than just a list machine, but it never quite works out. I love that you branched out and did some sketches too. Awesome sauce!

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