What’s your Halloween Costume?

Josh Sundquist is a cancer survivor, paralympic skier, motivational speaker and author. At Halloween, he’s always entertaining. This year he brings a classic amputee joke to life. Click on the photograph or the link at the bottom to watch “Making of IHOP,”  Josh’s short video about this year’s costume.

Josh Sundquist’s 2015 Halloween Costume

His Amputee Rap is great too!

6 thoughts on “What’s your Halloween Costume?

  1. My costume was “red” crayon this year. I teach at an elementary school and all of the teachers in my grade level dressed up as different colored crayons. Ours doesn’t come close to Josh Sundquist’s.

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    | | | Great imagination and love his sense of humor.  Thank you. Happy Halloween to you and Sue.   -Jane |

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  3. Loved this post!
    I never do the costume thing…I guess if I worked in a public place, it would be fun…and I would probably be a crazy queen…with a tilted crown…and it would probably be bent and rusty. Okay, I’m getting all carried away with this now…

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