4 thoughts on “Superheroes, Social Media, a School Cafeteria, and a New Logo

  1. I love the fact that Lorraine was able to recycle your super hero decorations! I’m all about reusing whatever we can…
    Great job getting that petition together. Hope your voices are heard by the appropriate people who can get you all some improved insurance coverage for the prosthetic devices.
    And, that logo is fabulous! I love it. It’s perfect for you and it’s helping Megan build a nice portfolio! You should both be proud of that work.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. I have a photo of one of my favorite authors, Mary Kay Andrews standing in front of the, “BOOM” sign when she spoke at the Fairhope Public Library. Who knows where the decorations will end up next? Of course, they’ll be splattered with spinach and applesauce by then!

    Love the logo!

  3. The kids and staff really love the awesome decorations. We’ve been getting lots of compliments. I don’t even know what we would have done without them. The cafeteria staff thanks you and Julia so very much!
    I hadn’t seen your completed logo until now but I love it. Megan doesn’t show me her work unless I ask. I’m so happy your collaboration with her went well. Last week she got a commission to illustrate 26 pages of a children’s book, so she’s been a busy bee.

  4. I am soooooooo behind on my blog reading!! just had to take a moment to tell you how much I LOVE the logo! It is perfect! That Megan is so talented! Hope to catch up my reading soon. I’ve been spending all of my “blog reading time” on scholarship research as Alex will be college bound next year. See you soon!


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