Maidenform still makes bras. In fact, Maidenform owns most of the bra brands, including Victoria’s Secret and Playtex, according to Wikipedia. This was a successful, bold, and sexy ad campaign in the 1950s and 1960s. So much so that it was mentioned in an episode of Mad Men. In the 410-page Hollywood 2014 edition of Vanity Fair magazine I couldn’t find an ad for a bra, even by an intimates company with the same name, Vanity Fair. However, there are lots of pictures of women with bras showing, as well as arm and hand bras. There are no pictures in the Vanity Fair magazine Oddly there are three images of Marilyn Monroe, and she’s been dead longer than JFK. Since I don’t wear a bra or a bro, I’ll leave it up to the wearers to decide how they have improved.

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