Write Hot Librarians

A coworker came up to me last week and asked if I’d seen a recent episode of 60 Minutes. She told me that there was a couple on the program who were about to lose their house when they got the idea to start writing books to pay their mortgage. Jasinda and Jack Wilder, pseudonyms, began writing tales of lust and then self-published them as Ebooks. We went to Amazon to see what all the fuss was about. Jasinda’s books are described as “Titillating tales of sexy men and strong women.” She is prolific. Some were short, about 36 pages, and others were 200 pages or more. “Haunting, lovely, and must read,” is what the Smut Book Club has to say about Jack’s novel.

“They’ve sold a million books,” my comrade told me. Another staffer came to the reference desk wondering what the source was for all the nervous laughter in the middle of the library.

Reading over my shoulder, one said, “If they can do it why can’t we?”

From that conversation, we decided to write some romance/smut for the challenge, but mostly for the fun.

Five writers agreed to write something by Thursday. While I’m totally interested in reading what my female co-workers come up with, I’m a little anxious about my own “submission.” We’ve agreed on three pages, involving a character or characters from the library. I’m suggesting/hoping that everyone comes up with a title and their own pseudonym. I can’t wait to get my hands on their pages. If my peeps agree, the best piece, as voted on by the majority of writers, will be posted anonymously on my blog. My intuition is telling me that the guy at the library with a writing degree is going to be a runner-up once the clothes come off.

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